More than a simply a great demonstration video, this training program breaks down the process into bite-size pieces and lets you practice. It is something you can use over and over, on your own or with colleagues.


"You have made the attachment injury concept, which historically has been overlooked and/or minimized by therapists, come alive in a way that research can never do. The training package is an essential tool for all EFT therapists." - Dr. Judy Makinen co-developer of the AIRM, EFT Therapist and Trainer


More comments from EFT Therapists, Supervisors and Trainers who have used the program have to say about it:


It was so, so worthwhile! of the best trainings – EFT or otherwise – that I've yet seen, in vivo or on tape

It was clear, to the point, well-explained, and just the right length...and it demonstrated the AIRM model like a precise Swiss watch!

Finally, and maybe the best feedback I can give you, watching this has enabled me to feel ready to do an attachment injury repair! – David von Kohorn, Therapist, Asheville, NC


[It is] awesome! It brings the AIRM model alive with real couples and gives me (and my consultees, regardless of skill level) the chance to come back again and again to work toward mastering this resolution process. – Ann Lumry, EFT Therapist and Supervisor, Minneapolis, MN


"I watched the entire session; it was riveting. I was amazed that [Lorrie was] able to do all the steps in one consultation session. They are an amazing couple with very high commitment to their relationship and [she is] so incredibly skilled. It is a fantastic teaching tool!!! "Your passion and dedication is truly inspiring, especially the work you have done on developing the AIRM training package. There is nothing more I can say, except BRAVO!!! - Dr. Judy Makinen, EFT Therapist and Trainer , Ottawa, Canada